Pattaya City for Scuba Divers

The scenic beach city of Pattaya is found on the east of Bangkok and is a favorite destination people seeking a break from the Thai capital's fast-paced lifestyle. Although Pattaya is probably most famous for its nightlife, its waters are perfect for a whole array of vibrant marine life, making it an excellent choice for scuba diving.

An entire row of exciting scuba diving sites in Pattaya are only a few minutes away from the mainland, the nearest of which are the so-called Near Islands, specifically the magnificent islands of Koh Sak and Koh Krak. A bit further on but still easily reachable are the Far Islands - Koh Rin, Koh Badan, Koh Man Wichai, and Koh Hua Chuang - all popular for their equally gorgeous waters and day diving trips. You can also try other Tourist attractions Pattaya

Among the best things about diving in Pattaya is that even newbies can enter the fun. all diving instructors in the city speak good English and are PADI certified. That means no matter how low your skill level is, you shouldn't worry about safety because there will be qualified experts guiding you. Scuba diving neophytes need to finish a training session before they are allowed to jump into the water. Before setting out, they will probably be shown videos of what's under the water. Also try Pattaya nightime

Because majority of Pattaya's main diving sites are some 20-30 kilometres from the mainland, they are under the control of the Royal Thai Navy. Among the most popular sites is in the area are the fairly recent HTMS Khram shipwreck, which is now home to a huge variety of colorful marine life; and the old freighter, Petchburi Bremen.

If you're one of the many people who've always been fascinated by the underwater, you will find Pattaya scuba diving sites truly mesmerizing. There is plenty of attractive fish and other marine creatures. Barracudas, jacks and groupers can all be found swimming in and around major wreck sites, while porcupine puffer fish and those while gigantic stingrays are also a thing to beholds.

When it's time to stay on land, scuba diving visitors of Pattaya will also find a lot of exciting things to do. Accommodation is varied, both in size, amenities and pricing. Restaurants and bars abound, and there's probably a Muay Thai boxing match to catch weekly, if not everyday. There's a little open market where they sell all sorts of things, from gemstones to silk, and art museums too that children will truly enjoy. More travel tips here: